Engineering Group

Departments included

Departments of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, etc

What to learn

  1. Electrical and electronic engineering: the basic structure and structure of circuits, the function and principle of electronic parts, the design and testing of integrated circuits, the composition of electronic parts machinery and equipment, the technology of communication equipment, etc
  2. Mechanical engineering: mechanical materials and processing methods, mechanical action principles, aircraft and ship structures, mechanical design and production, engine principles, etc
  3. Civil engineering: planning, design, construction and management of bridges, roads and buildings, various civil engineering materials, drawing engineering blueprints, irrigation engineering and soil and water conservation, etc
  4. Chemical engineering: process control and design of chemical industry, composition and processing of polymer materials, energy demand in the manufacturing process of chemical products, catalyst principle, chemical equilibrium law, etc
  5. Industrial Engineering: For the integration of engineering and management technology, emphasizing the training of professionals in information, management and automated production

Career development

  • Electrical Engineer
  • Electronic Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • civil engineer
  • Chemical Engineer
  • Industrial Engineer