Optional Aspirations Tips

"How do I fill in the aspirations to enter the department I want to study?"
I believe that this is a common question in everyone's mind, there are a total of 70 aspirations that can be filled in, how to fill in to achieve the wish? Here are a few tips for filling in the aspirations, so that you can smoothly enter the ideal department and school!

Optional Aspirations Tip 1: Sort by Your Interests!

        The distribution system is distributed according to the order of students' grades and then according to the order of their aspirations, so it is the highest principle to rank aspirations according to the order of "the department you want to read the most"! Later, it will be ranked in order into the voluntary departments with the same strength and insurance.

Optional Aspirations Tip 2: Make Good Use of the Quota Search System!

        In the "Overseas Chinese and Hong Kong and Macao Students Quota Search System", you can filter by "school name", "class group", "school group" and "department keyword", etc., and you can also link to the official website of the department to learn about the school and course content, which is also an important key information for optional aspirations.

Optional Aspirations Tip 3: Fill all 70 Aspirations!

        If your ambitions are broad and the number of places available in this field is sufficient and diverse, you may wish to fill in as many aspirations orders as possible, and if there are no more places available for distribution among the 70 aspirations you have filled in, UECFOCS will provide a list of schools and departments with remaining places to allow you to fill in another aspirations for a second distribution opportunity.

The above provides three tips for your reference, I wish you a golden list title, and successfully enter the ideal school!