Qualifications of Overseas Chinese Students scaled

Qualifications of Overseas Chinese Students

As long as you meet the following two qualifications, you can come to Taiwan as an overseas student to study and enjoy the complete care of the government

  1. Have lived continuously overseas for 6 consecutive years, or have recently resided overseas for 6 consecutive years. (If you want to apply for the Faculty of Medicine, Chinese Medicine and Dentistry, you must have lived in the Faculty of Medicine, Chinese Medicine and Dentistry for at least 8 consecutive years)
  2. Obtain a certificate of permanent or permanent residence in the place of residence.

Overseas Chinese students go to Taiwan to study as benefits

Multiple options for one registration

As long as you go through the registration procedure with the local sponsor of the expatriate residence, you can select 70 volunteers or 4 master's and doctoral classes from the hundreds of universities and thousands of departments provided in the brochure, saving you the cumbersome process of finding schools and submitting the application forms one by one.

The system is sound and the care is comprehensive

Each school has a special unit for overseas Chinese student counseling, and has a sound senior sister assistance system, from the time you arrive in Taiwan and get off the plane, you can get assistance regardless of food, clothing, housing, transportation, education and entertainment; It also enjoys universal health insurance subsidies, and dozens of exclusive scholarships and grants for overseas Chinese students with different amounts and different distribution standards, and provides a variety of work-study opportunities for overseas Chinese students, so that there is no trouble in studying and living.

There are broad prospects for excellence in teaching and research

UECFOCS provides hundreds of schools and institutes that have passed the strict higher education evaluation of the Ministry of Education for you to choose from, meet your interests and help you create your future. After completing their studies, overseas Chinese students all returned to their places of residence, fully devoted themselves to the development of industry, commerce, politics, economics, culture and education in various countries and achieved good results.