Art Group

Departments included

Departments of Music, Fine Arts, Drama, Dance, Culture and Creativity

What to learn

  1. Music: Learn vocal, instrumental and musical composition, performance and teaching
  2. Fine Arts: Learn the theory, creation and design of Chinese painting and Western painting
  3. Theatre: Study theatre theory, screenwriting, directing, acting and theatre techniques
  4. Dance: Learn dance performance, choreography, teaching and theory
  5. Cultural creativity: learn cultural and creative products, event design and planning, and consolidate the professional quality and intellectual application of the cultural and creative industry

Career development

  • Music teacher
  • Art teacher
  • Dance teacher
  • Music performer
  • composer
  • Art Editor
  • designer
  • dancer
  • director
  • photographer
  • actor
  • screenwriter
  • Arts administrators
  • Cultural and creative personnel