2024 Taiwan Higher Education Virtual Expo

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  • 【2024臺灣高等教育線上博覽會】-「不拿秘笈、不入武林」臺灣升學講座



    Important Announcement: Please update the FTP address used for this event to: ftp://overseasexpo.tw***

1. Online Expo Information (Please see the official document.)UECFOCSSeptember 18, 112UECFOCSXuan Zi No. 1123000207 Letter; "9 pages of official documents including attachments")

1. Participation form (all participating schools have the following activities): Online Education Exhibition of 5 Overseas Communities (webpage https://www.overseas.edu.tw/THEonlineEXPO/#hot-area)

2. Exhibition Registration Questionnaire:https://school.overseas.ncnu.edu.tw/survey/2015924121342174 17

3. Exhibition fee: Please refer to the "Exhibition Registration Questionnaire" for details (if you want to check the applicable exhibition plan of the school, you can call.) UECFOCS Will inquire)

4. Online time: November 2023 ~ October 31, 2024 (the online time of the event schedule will be notified separately)

5. Registration time: from now until 17:00 on October 6 (Friday).

6. Upload the school information of the online expo [School Profile Page] and [Admission Guide]: from now toOctober 16 (Mon)
Upload to the specified FTP URL; For details of the content and format of the upload fields, please refer to "II. Important Information Download" below)

2. Download important information

1. Exhibition and registration instructions (attachment of official documents - excluding confidential information) [Click here to download].

(Please refer to the official document for the registration questionnaire, school operation code and FTP account password (UECFOCSSeptember 112UECFOCSXuan Zi No. 11200000000)

2. Fill in the format of each platform:

【School Profile Page Format】[Word File Download] / [ODT File Download] (Please upload it to the FTP "Web" folder after filling in)

【Format】[Word file download] / [ODT file download] (Please upload it to the FTP "University Guide" folder after filling it out)

FTP upload instructions [click here to download].


3. Contact Window

University Entrance Committee For Overseas Chinese Students Advocacy Group Executive Officer Liu Kaiting

Email: ktliu@ncnu.edu.tw

Tel: 049-2910960 ext. 2264

Address: No. 1, Daxue Road, Puli Town, Nantou County (National Chi Nan University)