[Continuously updating] 2024 Malaysia Taiwan Higher Education Expo (MalaysiaThe Federation Of Alumni Association Of Taiwan Universities Malaysia)

Malaysia Taiwan Higher Education Expo 2024 (West Malaysia & East Malaysia)

1. Activity handling information

Plan the time and place of processing

April 23-24, 2024
West Malaysia (South) - Muar, Johor

April 26-27, 2024
West Malaysia (Central) - Kuala Lumpur

April 29, 2024
West Malaysia (centre) – Klang, Selangor

May 2-3, 2024
West Malaysia (North) - Ipoh, Perak

May 5-6, 2024
East Malaysia - Kuching, Sarawak

May 8-9, 2024
East Malaysia - Kota Kinabalu, Sabah


Federation of Malaysian Alumni Associations in Taiwan (hereinafter referred to as the FederationThe Federation Of Alumni Association Of Taiwan Universities Malaysia)


  • The alumni association of the students who stayed in Taiwan
  • Selangor Kuala Lumpur Taiwan Alumni Association
  • Perak Alumni Association
  • Sarawak Stay-in Tai Alumni Association
  • Sabah Liutai Alumni Association

2. Information on important activities

►The exhibition information session will be held on November 20, 2023
(University Entrance Committee For Overseas Chinese Students11/2/112UECFOCSSecret word No. 1122001364 Notice of Meeting)

► Registration and cooperationThe code of operation of the registration system
(See.)University Entrance Committee For Overseas Chinese StudentsNovember 27, 112UECFOCSAttachment 5 to Xuan Zi No. 1123000275 Letter "Paper Official Documents", forgiveness. )

Exhibition details: registration fee, booth specifications, accommodation fee, estimated number of visitors, promotional mailing information, etc

From 9 a.m. on Monday, December 4, 2023

【Questionnaire 1】Open to fill in:

  1. Contractor information
  2. Willingness to participate (including exhibition area category)
  3. Upload the remittance slip

Until 20.02.2024 (Tue).

From Thursday, February 15, 2024

【Questionnaire 2】Open to fill in:

Until Monday, March 11, 2024

From Friday, March 15, 2024

【Questionnaire 3】Open to fill in:

  1. The order of volunteering for each booth


►留台聯總 (thef.faatum@gmail.com)於113年3月25日電子郵件聯繫各校承辦人及參展師長,主要内容如下:

  1. 請各校於4月1日17:00前確認參展人員等資料
  2. 邀請參展各校的師長加入2024年LINE群組
  3. 公告【問卷3:選填攤位志願】劃位結果

Please assist in checking and reminding each other
If the email is not successfully delivered, please contact: thef.faatum@gmail.com; xiangrong@mail.ncnu.edu.tw


寄件者:留臺聯總秘書處 thef.faatum@gmail.com
時 間:2024年4月15日 下午3:55
主 旨:2024 馬來西亞台灣高等教育展,行前相關事項說明如下

寄件者:海聯許向榮幹事 xiangrong@mail.ncnu.edu.tw
時 間:2024年4月15日 下午9:02
主 旨:【2024馬來西亞高教展】海聯:團務手冊電子檔、行前提醒事項

3. Activity information download area

Note: To be organisedThe Federation Of Alumni Association Of Taiwan Universities MalaysiaFiles are updated as soon as they are provided

1. Book your trip

1-1. 預定行程(西馬)
1-2. 預定行程(東馬)

2. A list of important exhibitors
(November 27, 2023_V2)

3. Category of exhibition area
(_V1 November 27, 2023)

5. Exhibit Details
(_V7 March 06, 2024)

6. Information on the briefing - presentation

6-1. West Malaysia (South) – Muar, Johor
(_V1 November 21, 2023)
6-2. West Malaysia (Central) – Kuala Lumpur
(_V1 November 21, 2023)
6-3. West Malaysia (Central) – Klang, Selangor
(_V1 November 21, 2023)
6-4. West Malaysia (North) – Ipoh, Perak
(_V1 November 21, 2023)
6-5. East Malaysia - Kuching, Sarawak
(_V1 November 21, 2023)
6-6. East Malaysia - Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
(_V1 November 21, 2023)
6-7. Briefing on the details of the exhibition
(_V1 November 21, 2023)

7. The Federation Of Alumni Association Of Taiwan Universities MalaysiaDetails of the printing of the document

7-1. Enrollment Brochure Printing Services
(_V2 November 23, 2023)
7-2. Quotation for printing of documents
(_V2 November 23, 2023)
7-3. Printing of purchase orders
(_V4 04-03-2024)

8. Floor plans of various places

Active contact window

University Entrance Committee For Overseas Chinese Students Officer Xu Xiangrong
Tel: 049-2910960 ext. 2268
Fax: 049-2911182
Address: No. 1, University Road, Puli Town, 545 Nantou County